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The Crusades: The Crescent and the Cross

Category: History

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Description: This great documentary is divided into two episodes , the 1st gives info about how it all started and the first crusade , while the 2nd mainly talks about Saladin taking Jerusalem back , the second crusade ,the arrival of Richard the Lionheart and the 3rd crusade

For thousands of years the holy lands of the Middle East have run red with blood. Here the scars of battle fought between three of the great religions of the world are etched into the earth. But the deepest wound was made by a war between Christians and Muslims, that began in the 11th century and fought for 200 years.At stake: A tiny strip of land just a few hundred miles long, but with the greatest prize, Jerusalem. Now this holy war's past is a legend, but there were those who saw it with their own eyes. Great chronicles from two different worlds, Christian and Muslim, who wrote of great deeds, great battles, great warriors and men who would lay down their lives for their god. This was the collision of two great faiths, the clash between the crescent and the cross.All copy rights are for the history channel.

Note:The title of this great documentary (the crescent and the cross) , Ironically is one of the famous symbols of Egyptian Nationalism , which symbolize the unity and brotherhood of all Egyptians, it appeared on many occasions through out history, lately during the 25th of January 2011 revolution
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