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Shock and Awe: the Story of Electricity

Category: Science

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If you live in the developed world, there’s a very good chance that you use electricity in your every day life. We use it to power our homes, our computers, and our medical equipment. Yet, if you’re like me, then even though you consider yourself a fairly well educated and bright individual: you don’t know squat about how it works.

In this BBC documentary, Professor Jim Al-Khalili breathes a lightning size breath of knowledge into a subject that is mystery of nature. Even 200 years ago, electricity was more magic than science. Cavemen would see bolts of lightning striking trees and they certainly learned, first hand, of its power. However, only in the 20th century did society fully and unconditionally embrace and harness the energy.

SHOCK AND AWE: THE STORY OF ELECTRICITY is a three part documentary that is produced by the BBC. Episode One talks about the early scientists who first went about the task of unlocking the electrical genie form the bottle. They built instruments, did experiments, had meetings, got electrocuted and made slow and painful progress forward. These men (and a few women) learned how to tame lightning: they learned how to contain it and do their bidding. They made water dance.

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