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Genocide of the Armenians

Category: History

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The BBC presents this informative documentary the coincide with Holocaust memorial week. Originally airing in January 2003, this documentary is a special Correspondent. Fergal Keane examines how a horrible slaughter, three quarters of a century ago, has returned. It is haunting the relationship between Turkey and its western allies.

For several years, the people of Armenian have fought to have the vicious murders of hundreds of thousands of their forefathers in Ottoman Turkey in 1915 to be considered a genocide. Turkey, on the other hand, has been fighting just as hard to deny this genocide. They are so determined to make sure the term genocide isn’t associated with the killings, they have threatened any and all countries which choose to associate the word with them.

Genocide of Armenians reveals how President George W. Bush and Bill Clinton (his predecessor) both broke their promises to the Armenian people. They had both assured the community they would recognize the killings as a genocide and then ended up backing out. As the saying goes, it sort of adds insult to injury.

This documentary features interviews with survivors, key political figures in the US and Turkish officials to examine the truth behind the terrifying slaughter.

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